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Can HPV be cured? There is no cure for the virus itself, but many HPV infections go away on their own. In fact, about 70 to 90 percent of cases of HPV infection are cleared from the body by the immune system. When treatment is needed, the goal is to relieve symptoms by removing any visible warts and abnormal cells in the cervix.
What does a dying wart look like? Common Warts. These flesh-colored growths are most often on the backs of hands, the fingers, the skin around nails, and the feet. They're small -- from the size of a pinhead to a pea -- and feel like rough, hard bumps. They may have black dots that look like seeds, which are really tiny blood clots.
How does Condylox work? Podofilox is used to remove certain types of warts on the outside skin of the genital areas (penis or vulva). Podofilox works by destroying the skin of the wart.
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