This rope is even smaller than micro cord and still 36 lbs test, is a very versatile product. This cord is perfect for intricate jewelry makers, crafters, Macrame artists etc. Great for bracelets, lanyards, key chains, Used for Fishing line, handle wraps, Wind chimes / Dream catchers, Beading ETC. Great for backpacks and emergency kits, This rope comes on a small reusable plastic spool.

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Paracord Kevlar (K100-Yellow) : 


    Description : 7 Strand Aramid Paracord More than double the strength of regular 550 paracord. Aramid paracord is super strong and heat resistant. Aramid has been used in bullet proof vests for years and now you can have some of that same strength too! We have taken the same high-tech fiber and made a rope that is super strong 1,250 lbs. test! It is lightweight and heat resistant up to 900 degrees F. Great for search and rescue, friction saws,snares, tag lines, survival bracelets, key fobs, lanyards, boot laces, gear loops ETC. A must have for all hardcore survivalists.

Specs :

  • Tensile strength : 1,250 lbs. / 600 kg.
  • Weight (oz/50 ft.) : 8 oz. / 227 g.
  • Long Lasting & Durable
  • 7 strand core
  • UV, chemical, rot & mildew resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Made in the USA
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